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Banksia serrata

  A4 Early stage painting.           This specimen was collected from the base of the Banksia tree. Excessively ugly, but in my opinion, beautiful and full of character.  Advertisements

Primula, Rosa: “Heritage” & Primula Aricula.

  (1) Primula (Yellow) 100 x 150mm framed. $50 (2) Rosa: “Heritage”  130 x 180mm framed. $70 (3) Primula Aricula. 100 x 150mm framed. $50

Nerine and Crocus (Pink and White)

     A4 Print – $30 (Unframed)

Rhododendron Virea

A4 Print – $30 (Unframed)

Nerine and Crocus (Pale Pink and Mauve)

  A4 Print – $30 (Unframed)

Cynara scolymus (Globe Artichoke)

A3 Print – Not for sale

Rosa: “Dame Elizabeth Murdoch”

A work in progress.

Corymbia ficifolia: Myrtaceae (Unframed)

Original Watercolour by June Calvert. Size: A3 Price: $500


Autumn 2012 SOLD – $600